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Planeta X (Packages from Planet X) [Dual Audio] [MKV] [09/26]

Titulo original:  Packages from Planet X
Titulo hispanoamericano: Planeta X
Cantidad de episodios: 26
Idioma: Español Latino 2.0 / Ingles 5.1
Subtitulo: Si. Traduccion de titulos
Formato: MKV - H.264
Duración: 22 min. por episodio
Resolución: 1280x720
Tamaño: 400 - 500 MB por episodio
Fuente de vídeo:  WEB-DL 1080p - SA89
Captura de Audio: UltimateFallen
Sincronización: UltimateFallen

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01x01. Feast Beast - Brain Briefs
01x02. One for the Ages - Copy Cat
01x03. Mind Licorice - The Iron Crown Affair
01x04. Somewhere Elser - Squid Pro Quo
01x05. Crash Course - Night at West Iron High
01x06. Sticker Shock - Mask and Ye Shall Receive
01x07. Spring Loaded - Bad Hair Day
01x08. Monkey Business - Astro Blasters
01x09. Tummy Trouble - CuRT Meets BuRT
01x10. Troll's BFF - Sunset Towers
01x11. Birthday Bounty - Bubble Trouble
01x12. Return to Sender
01x13. Brain Freeze - Party Out of Bounds
01x14. Truth or Scare - Working For Peanuts
(Audio no disponible)
01x15. Shadow Boxers - For Whom the Bell Trolls
01x16. Christmas Evil - True North Strong & Freezing
01x17. Off Road Rage - Fitness Crazed
01x18. Big Dan On Campus - Dan and the Volcano
01x19. Dan Phone - Dooley Noted
01x20. Dan TV - Last Dan Standing
01x21. Bug Spray - Aqua Dan
01x22. The Dan Who Would Be King - The Game
01x23. Dream On - Squirrely Dan
01x24. Do Over Dan - What Goes Down Must Come Up
01x25. The Song of the Mermoo - Dr Strangegloves
01x26. Mission to Planet X



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